Hurghada Egypt Guide

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Hurghada is an exciting and vibrant holiday destination suitable for all ages and can be found on the western side of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera.

Attracting thousands of travellers each year, Hurghada is one of Egypt's leading holiday resorts, popular with visitors from around the world.

Transformed in recent years from a small fishing village, the town of Hurghada has managed to retain its natural and historic charm.


Hurghada is perfect for those seeking total relaxation with fantastic weather and warm sea temperatures throughout the year.

Hurghada is perfect for those seeking total relaxation with fantastic weather and warm sea temperatures throughout the year.  It is fast growing into a major holiday resort, packed full of attractions, and a growing reputation as an international destination for visitors from all corners of the globe.


Things to do in Hurghada

For those seeking a more adventurous break, why not check out our Hurghada Things to Do pages which include all the information you will need for choosing and booking day trips to Luxor or Cairo.

If thrill-seeking is more your thing, why not take advantage of the close proximity of the desert and head out into the open desert for a jeep safari.

But it's Hurghada diving that earns this part of the Red Sea rave reviews. Crystal clear waters teeming with spectacular wildlife rival anywhere else in the world for 'take your breath away' factor.


Hurghada Egypt

Hotels in Hurghada are situated alongside the magnificent sandy beach that runs for almost 20km, ranging from 5 star luxury accommodation to more simple and traditional Egyptian guesthouses.

Over the past few years, more and more hotels have been built in Hurghada to cope with the increasing demands of travellers from abroad.  Hotels are generally of a high standard with wide and varied food offerings.

Most accommodation provides guests with a wide choice of locally produced drinks, authentic Egyptian cuisine and superb leisure facilities.

Some of the more well-known Hurghada Hotels are the 'Grand Hotel Hurghada', the 'Grand Resort Hurghada' and the 'Intercontinental Resort and Casino'.

Choose from full board, half board or all-inclusive and make sure you experience the local shops and bring yourself a souvenir home.  The best buys in Hurghada are Papyrus or the traditional Egyptian 'shisha pipes'.


Hurghada Holidays

Package holidays are available from all of the major UK operators with a wide choice of travel options and departure points.

Choose from dozens of top hotels, all of them packed full of things to do and entertainment to suit whatever your preference might be.

Booking Hurghada Holidays takes most of the worry away about what might happen if things go wrong.  

Whether it be a flight delay, ash cloud disruption, or a problem with your hotel, the safety net of booking a package holiday is often well worth having.

Most package holidays include your flight, hotel and transfer so you can sure that everything is included in one price.


Flights to Hurghada

At just 5 hours flight time from the UK, holidays in Hurghada are just one short flight away.  You can head to Hurghada with numerous charter flights and low cost airlines from a wide range of regional airports throughout the UK.  

All flights land at the international airport which is located just a short transfer from the majority of the popular hotels.


Hurghada Weather

Experience year round sunshine on Egypt's Red Sea Riviera as the sun always shines in this part of the world and makes the area popular with beach lovers.  Average temperatures throughout the year are well into the 30's and event at night it is very warm.

Make sure you protect yourself with a high factor sunscreen as the suns rays can be damaging to exposed skin.


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