Hurghada Egypt Guide

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About Hurghada

Egypt Man

Hurghada was once just a tiny fishing village, and was not visited by anybody from outside of the local area.

This was true as recently as the 1970s. However, once tourists discovered the clear blue water and great opportunities for diving, Hurghada quickly grew into a major tourist destination.

Hurghada Egypt is a popular tourist resort for divers and those who just enjoy swimming. Egyptians, Saudis and other Arabs join the stream of Europeans and Americans coming here throughout most of the year.

Hurghada is in reality three main centres and numerous self-contained tourist villages now growing into one body.

To the north, lies the place that is closest to being a town, Ad-Dahar, which has more than half of the total local population, and the the most price worthy hotels and restaurants.

A couple of kilometres south, comes Sigala, a place that suffers from being between Ad-Dahar and New Hurghada a few kilometres more to the south.

There are some hotels here, some restaurants, but relatively few tourists.


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