Hurghada Egypt Guide

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Cheap Flights to Hurghada

More regional airport are now considering flights to Hurghada with many charter routes available and several low cost operators now enjoying the benefits of flights to the Red Sea.

Prices are generally competitive and flight time is roughly 5 hours.

Airlines that fly to Hurghada (HRG) from the UK include Easyjet and Thomson Flights.  Choose from London Gatwick and Manchester as departure points.

The airport in Hurghada is close to many of the hotels in the area.  The airport is located inland, 5km (3 miles) southwest of El Dahar (downtown Hurghada).


Passenger numbers remain relatively stable with nearly 7 million passengers using the terminal building last year. 

There is currently just one terminal but facilities are generally of a high standard due to recent building works that cost in the region of US$155 million to create a new arrivals hall.

Future developments on the horizon include a new terminal complex at a cost of $300 to serve 7.5 million passengers.  This is planned to open during 2011.  Construction of a new 4,000m second runway will also increase capacity for planes arriving and departing from all ove the world.

Transport from the airport to resort is either by hiring a car (facilities within the airport) or taking a taxi/minibus. Make sure you agree the price before you hand over your luggage or get inside the vehicle.

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