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Hurghada Diving

Hurghada Diver

Hurghada Diving attracts thousands of people every year thanks to its growing reputation as an international standard watersports destination.

The warm crystal clear waters of the Red Sea offer superb visibility, a huge variety of hard and soft coral, in addition to spectacular wall and shipwreck dive destinations.

Diving in Hurghada is possible throughout the year with water temperatures averaging around 20c in winter and 27c during the summer months.

Turtles, Jacks, Snapers, Barracudas and Reef Fish are common sights on dives in this part of the Red Sea and a fantastic array of marine life awaits.

Hurghada offers a wide choice of dive sites – around 30 in total – so there really is something for all divers from beginner level right through to most experienced.

Hurghada Dive Sites

There are a handful of main dive areas just off the Hurghada coastline and all of them have unique characteristics that keep fans coming back year after year.

Hurghada CoralAbu Nuhas
A word famous dive site with an international reputation to match.  Several wrecks lie just beneath the surface opening up an underwater world of adventure that you will remember for ever.  Most of the wrecks are around 100 metres in length and should only be approached in good conditions.

The Giannis was wrecked during a storm in 1983 carrying wood, metal and cables between Rijeka (Croatia) and Hodeidah (Yemen).  99m in length with a maximum depth of 28m, the Giannis is the most westerly of Abu Nuhas’s four wrecks.  Divers can enter the bridge, accommodation areas and workshops although beware of strong currents.

Dating back to 1869, The Carnatic wreck was on route from England to Calcutta with a cargo of gold, wine and beer when it struck the northern edge of the reef.  27 people lost their lives as the ship broke into two parts 24 hours later.  Dive down to 25m.

The Crisoula was a Greek cargo boat that was wrecked in 1976 and rests at a maximum depth of 32m.  There are large areas of the ship available to explore now that the cargo (lentils) has floated away.

Careless Reef
A popular dive site with visitors who are attracted by stories of the large population of semi-tame Moray Eels.  An isolated reef with a steep wall that drops down over 40 metres.  There is plenty here for the more experienced diver and regular sightings of Jacks, Tuna and Barracuda add to the experience.

Giftun Seghir
With some interesting caves to explore, this is a popular dive site for all abilities.

Shaab Um Gamar
A small dive area but one that is well worth visiting.  A small wreck lies at about 25 metres and you  are bound to see some stunning marine life here.

One of the most famous diving areas in Hurghada, and indeed throughout the world.  A 126 metre long vessel that was sunk by two German bombers during the Second World War.  Only discovered 20 years ago at 30 metres, your dive takes you closer than ever before to the cargo – a spectacular range of military vehicles and hardware.  Make sure you take the opportunity to explore this wreck, one of the best we have come across.  Advisable for experienced divers only.

Hurghada Marine Life

Dive Hotels

The majority of the accommodation in Hurghada is within easy reach of the dive centres and many of the operators offer free transport to and from any hotel in Hurghada.

However, sometimes it’s better to stay closer to the action so you have minimal transport time and can be more flexible with your arrangements.

You’ll also find that you are sharing your hotel with like minded people which can lead to some great fantastic conversations as divers share their experiences of their dive earlier in the day.

We would not hesitate to suggest the Safir Hotel, La Perla, or the Sofitel Hurghada.


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